The Who Owes What app helps keep your personal finances with friends and colleagues in order.

When Paula pays for tickets and Joe picks up groceries, a few taps will keep you up to date.

Tired of struggling to split the dinner bill when your family goes out with Rob and Jane, who have two more kids than you do and like to order expensive cocktails?

Who Owes What will let you easily split the bill in half, but add extras to one portion – and quickly calculate the tip too.

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

DMS Interactive combines expertise in communications, technology, user interface design and data visualization to craft engaging, dynamic web and mobile applications. Whether your goal is effective marketing of your company's strengths, an internal dashboard to allow you to make business decisions with confidence, or an application that provides your users with new tools and information, we can efficiently meet that need for you.

Our products and services are a conscious reaction against the large number of applications that are tossed together with little regard for the end user – your clients. With competition always increasing and users becoming more and more sophisticated, your business cannot risk being left behind with a weak, clumsy or even non-existent web and mobile presence. Your clients will find their way to the tools that are the most convenient and the data that is the most informative.

In today's world, data is critical. An adage for today is: without data, you're just another person with an opinion. In the heated public policy debates taking place in our country, it is not uncommon for someone to present simple data that spins an issue away from reality. Real data visualization allows users to explore the data for themselves and find the real story. The same tools can help your business make the proper decisions for the future. In either case, we can help!

Whatever your need, DMS Interactive can develop a custom application to meet it, leveraging our expertise and today's rapid application tools, data servers and mobile technologies to help you succeed at reasonable cost. Contact us today, and let's discuss how to take your business to the next level.