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Whose Turn User Guide


Like the IOU application, this module is designed to track back and forth (I'll cover this round, you cover that round) turns with one or more friends over time. In this case, rather than tracking precise amounts, you just track whose turn it was last time and, therefore, whose turn it is this time. For instance, you might regularly meet a friend for happy hour, and one of you covers the bill each time. However, you might forget who paid last time (and therefore who should pay this time). Or, you might occasionally order takeout with some friends, and one of you just pays the whole bill. But again, by the time the next takeout order comes around, you might have forgotten who paid last time. These are the situations that this module is designed to help with.

To begin tracking turns with someone, click the add (plus sign) button at the top of the main Whose Turn screen. The process for selecting or entering a person is the same as with the IOU module (see above). Once you confirm that you wish to begin tracking turns with the selected person, you will be prompted to enter information for the first round: change the date if necessary; select which of you is taking care of this round; optionally, enter any note about this specific instance only. When you confirm that you are done by clicking Save, you will be returned to the main Whose Turn screen.

Tracking Whose Turn Is Next

The main Whose Turn screen shows all active threads, whose turn is next in each case, any description of what the turns are concerning, and when the last turn was marked. The next time one of you covers whatever you are tracking here, select that thread and touch Mark Turn on the following screen. The program will enter default values on the Mark Next Turn dialog, so all you need to do in most cases is just hit Save. When the next time comes around, simply repeat this - select the thread, hit Mark Turn, hit Save, and correct or notate anything if needed.

Adding a Description

If you wish to add a tag explaining what this thread concerns (taking turns covering happy hour, paying for pizza, buying coffee, etc.), select Edit at the top of the screen for that thread. Enter your description in the field provided and touch Done.

Archiving Threads

If you find you are no longer taking turns with someone, you may archive that thread and remove it from the active Whose Turn screen. Select Edit on the screen for that thread and confirm that you wish to permanently archive the thread.

You can view all archived threads by selecting History from the main Whose Turn screen. Select any closed thread to view the details of whose turn was marked when; however you may not make changes to an archived thread or restore it to active status.

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