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Check Split User Guide


The Check Split module is designed for those times when you've agreed to just split the bill, but there are a few "extras" that shouldn't really be shared. For instance, if one group had two children with them, you can quickly add the cost of the children's entrees to that group's share only, while evenly sharing the rest of the bill. Each "share" can be adjusted by adding extra items that only the person or people covering that share should cover.

If you are only splitting the bill a few ways, completely evenly with no "adjustments", then the simplest thing to do is to use the Tip Calculator module instead, which will allow you to do this with a few clicks.

Example Usage

Ivan and Anna go out to dinner with Ron and Sam. They share appetizers and have similar cost entrees. However, Ivan and Anna bring their two children, who each order a kid's pasta ($8.95) and an ice cream for dessert ($4.50). The total bill is $115.39, before tip.

Anna enters the total bill amount and chooses to split the bill 2 ways, leaving the previous tip rate of 18% in place (everyone agrees this is fine). Once the program makes the initial, even calculation, Anna taps on one of the two shares. She adds an adjustment of 8.95 and sets the quantity to 2. She adds another adjustment of 4.50, again with a quantity of two. Ivan and Anna's adjusted share is immediately displayed: $85.54 after tip. When she hits Done, she sees their share as well as Ron and Sam's adjusted share, which is now $50.62, after tip. A few tips can adjust the tip rate or correct the bill amount, and everything is immediately recalculated without leaving the screen.

(Note: above numbers are based on a tax rate of 10%, with tips calculated after tax.)

Getting Started

To zero out the amount and remove any extra items added to individual shares, touch the close (x) button in the Total Bill area. Then, touch any of the three fields in the middle of the screen to enter the base amount, adjust the tip rate if necessary, and enter the number of ways the bill is to be split. You may use the Prev and Next buttons at the right of the keypad to move between fields. When editing the base amount, you may use the Clear button to quickly zero out the amount and start over without removing any extra items added to individual shares. When you are finished, touch Done to dismiss the keypad and recalculate the bill.

Once you have entered the amount, tip and split values, a row for each share (each person or group that is splitting the bill) will appear in the bottom half of the screen. If you have not yet added any items to individual shares, each row will say "Even share" and show the basic, even split amount of the bill. To add an item or items to any share, select that row in the table.

Adjusting Individual Shares

On the screen corresponding to the selected share (Share 1, Share 2, etc.) will be listed any items already added to that share. Click the add button at the top to add a new item to this share. Enter the amount, the quantity if more than one and a brief description (kids meal, extra pasta, extra glass of wine) and touch Save. When you are finished adding items to this share, touch Done to recalculate the bill.

The description(s) you added will display in the table row corresponding to that share, and each share amount will have been adjusted accordingly. For comparison's sake, an even split with no adjustments appears in the Even Split area at the top right of the screen. You may repeat this process as necessary, adding as many items to whichever shares in order to make the sharing of the bill fair.

Remember, to zero out the amount and start over without removing any extra items aded to shares, touch the base amount field and hit the Clear button. To zero out the amount and remove all adjustments to shares (return to a simple, evenly split bill), use the close (x) button at the top left of the screen.

Tax & Tip Preferences

New in version 1.1:
If you enter your local tax rate, you may choose to calculate tips either before or after tax. This setting can be accessed using the button at the top right of the screen.

Entering the tax rate allows you to take advantage of another option on the same preferences screen: "Add Tax to Extras". Turning this setting on ("Yes") will make adjusted split check calculations more accurate by taking tax into account when dividing up the common portion of the check and adding tax to the extra items on each adjusted share. It is recommended that you keep this setting on.

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